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Semi Annual & Annual Meeting Minutes


APRIL 8, 2013
Florida Gardens Baptist Church
The meeting was called to order by Moderator Travis Laney.
The financial report was presented by Jim Carr, copy attached.

There was discussion regarding the McPeak funds. Jim Carr will research stipulations regarding use of this money and report when research is completed.

There will be a transfer of $50,000 from the General Fund to an interest bearing account or CD. 

There is good support from all participants in the Hispanic and Haitian works.

Ministry Team reports:

Church Leadership Development – Ray Henry reviewed the very successful Regional Pastors Leadership Conference. He discussed plans for future activity and plans to invite the speaker, Sharp, to speak at the PBBN annual meeting if he is available.

Church Starting – Chris Hudson is working with S. Wright of First Baptist Church West Palm Beach as a possible presenter for the PBBN annual meeting. He discussed a possible workshop meeting with Al Fernandez and S. Wright, time to be announced. He reviewed Redemption Hill Church material, focusing on “Jason,” the model of the man needed to be a church planter (copy attached).

Church Mobilization – Chuck Brannon reported on the Florida Baptist Convention Evangelism Conference and reviewed witnessing tools that were demonstrated there. He also reviewed the fair ministry report provided by Ann Lemos (copy attached). Chuck presented information on the nationwide “My Hope for America” conference by Billy Graham that will be simultaneously telecast in November. Training dates and locations were listed. He urged ethnic trainers to contact him.

Church Strengthening – Steve Thomas encouraged participation at the monthly meetings. Paul Luis motioned for an amount of $175 to be used for gift cards for speakers. Motion passed.

Dr. Chavis reported the work that was required by the insurance carrier for the Network office has been completed. He also reported that two summer missionaries will be assisting our churches with Vacation Bible School this year. They will be housed at PBAU and available for June and July. Time requests for the missionaries need to be submitted ASAP.  

Dr. Chavis also reported that stewardship training for the network would be held on Tuesday, April 9th at the Network office; attendance strongly encouraged, especially for church struggling financially.

There was discussion regarding the position description for “facilitator” for PBBN. No specifics are available at present and Dr. Chavis will continue to service until position is secured/filled.

The Semi-Annual Meeting will be held on Monday, April 22, 2013 at First Baptist Church, Delray Beach with Steve Thomas as host pastor.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned with prayer by Scott Opalsky.
In attendance:
Paul Luis                                Scott Opalsky                         Evens Jules                            Ray Henry

Jim Chavis                              Chuck Brannon                       Chris Hudson                          Travis Laney

Jim Carr                                  Pierre G. St. Louis                  David Daniels                        Dale Faircloth

Stephen Thomas                     Pat Hughey
Respectfully submitted,
Pat Hughey, Clerk

PBBN Semi Annual Meeting
April 23, 2012
First Baptist Church of Royal Palm Beach


§         Called to order by Moderator, Dr. Travis Laney, at 7:00 PM, followed with prayer by Rev. Rob Taylor.

o        There was a period of worship and praise led by the Praise Team of 1st BC of RPB.

o        Dr. Tony Hoffman provided information on the availability of Online Discipleship with web site addresses:  These opportunities are supported by the FBC and Canadian BC at NO COST to you. The site is available at NO COST, thanks to the Cooperative Program.  Support is available.

o        Jim Carr presented the financial report, showing a positive balance for the year. Report accepted as presented.


§         PBBN Team Ministries reported as follows:

o        Dr. Ray Henry advised of the upcoming training conference to be offered in late 2012 for Pastoral Leadership and a second for the Lay Leadership.  Dates to be announced..

o        Rev. Chris Hudson reported on 37 new church starts in this region with 15 in Palm Beach County.  The team works with the motto “come together to grow”, noting we are able to do much more together than singularly.  Hudson offered to share his church planting experience with anyone interested.  Call Haverhill BC for more information.

o        Rev. Chuck Brannon introduced team member, Ann Lemos, who reported on the Fair Ministry, noting there was small group participation from various churches in providing extra meals.  2013 will be the 25th anniversary of PLBA/PBBN participation, and Lemos is hoping for media coverage.  Requested black pants, shoes, toiletries, etc., be gathered for sharing with the workers.
Rev. Brannon shared a very positive report on the Mobilization for Easter project, and encouraged participation in the “Back to Church” event on Sept. 16, 2012.
There will be two (2) summer missionaries for VBS and other assignments available for use in PBBN churches.  For open dates, contact Brannon.

o        Dr. Laney advised of ongoing work regarding the DOM search, and announced the Annual Meeting is  to be held October 15, 2012 at 1st BC of Boca Raton, 7:00 PM

o        Dr. Jim Chavis, Interim Missions Coordinator, reviewed the last 36 months, noting the many changes, “Restructuring” and “Survival” that included Miami/Dade, Broward and Palm Lake Baptist Associations.  Noted this is the cutting edge of how Baptist life will work and look now and in the future.


§         Dr. Laney opened the floor for new business, there was none. 

o        Ann Lemos presented information on Campers on Mission and offered support to any PBBN

o        Lynn Hall provided information on the PBBN web site, encouraging all to use it and provide event items to her for inclusion.


§         Another period of praise and worship was presented by Praise Team of 1st BCRPB.


§         Rev. Steve Thomas offered encouragement on Church Strengthening.

o        Dr. Dale Faircloth presented the challenge “Creating Chaos” with information on using the Internet as an “online campus,” sharing ways to use the preparation already dedicated to your church to reach the open airways. Contact Faircloth for assistance in using this FREE tool.


§         Dr. Faircloth announced that refreshments were available and encouraged all those present for the technical support/information to meet at the side of the sanctuary for training.


§         Rev. Paul Luis prayed the benediction.


§         There were 26 Churches represented with 55 messengers and 15, plus, visitors.

Pat Hughey